Tulsi benefits for health. It will disturb your little health problem.

benefits of tulsi

By placing the Basil plant in the house, it is often worshiped in the house. But Basil’s plant is not limited to only work in worship. According to Ayurveda it is also considered as a medicinal plant because there are many such qualities in it that can solve your small health problems.

Come, know that the basil leaves can be helpful in reducing the health problems-

  1. Basil leaves contain antioxidants, which are resistant to the body i.e. the immune system is able to.
  2. If you have a cold and then have a light fever, then make a decoction by mixing mishri, black pepper and basil leaves well in water and then drink it and then drink it. If you wish, you can eat this table by drying the solution and making it. This will help you with cold and cold fever.
  3. If you have diarrhea then mix basil leaves with cumin and grind them. Now lick this mixture 3-4 times a day. Doing this will help you to stop diarrhea.
  4. Those who have respiratory problems, they should rise in the morning and should keep some basil leaves in the mouth, doing this will reduce the odor of breath gradually.
  5. If you get hurt, you can put basil leaves on the wick, mixing it with the alum, it will help to recover the injury and wounds quickly.

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