Health and Diet Tips for Eid ul Adha 

diet plan on eid


Eid ul Adha is an Islamic festival that is celebrated around the world by all Muslims. It shows the willingness of Abraham for Allah to sacrifice his son over the command of Allah(God).

But before the sacrifice, God provided him a lamb to sacrifice in place of his son. In celebration of this mediation, an animal is relinquished customarily and divided into three categories. The one part is given to the poor people, another part is given to the relatives and the last one they keep for the home.

Here are some health and diet tips for Eid ul Adha

1 Don’t take too much meat – Well, this festival is related to non-vegetarian foods but when you are taking meat in bulk then it would be difficult to digest and would have a large number of calories. You can eat meat in a lightly way. You can also take the boiled chicken.

2 Go for a walk – After food, it is beneficial for our health to take a walk of around 30 minutes. That will digest your food and relax your body when you will go to sleep. You can also do some types of Pyranayams for your health.

3 Nutritious Breakfast – Start your day with some nutritious breakfast, you can take some protein contains foods like eggs, protein pancakes, a glass of smoothie. The way that most breakfast things, for example, eggs, grains, and flapjacks generally contain solid carbs and protein further makes it a genuine advance.

4 Use Veggies – You should think, for what reason am I requesting that you have veggies, that too on Eid, would it say it isn’t? All things considered, yes! The most ideal approach to control and lessen your craving is to eat your veggies first. Veggies are stuffed with basic supplements and fiber which would make you feel full so you can pardon yourself by eating less unhealthy and swelling delights.

5 Consume Grilled Foods – Attempt to eat flame-broiled nourishment (non-singed) as it will diminish the utilization of over the top unfortunate oil. You can cook the meat in olive oil to prevent undesirable fats. When you flame broil, you eat less fat because the abundance dribbles off the meshes.

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