Don’t Take Coconut oil Daily.

coconut oil

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Recently, Harvard University professor Karin Michelles gave a statement on coconut. According to him, coconut oil is poison in away. In this, the amount of saturated fat is very high. Which block and block the arteries. It disrupts blood circulation in the body and increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. Following this statement debate on the advantages and disadvantages of coconut in India. The debate came out that it is better to add coconut oil in the diet itself.

Trans Fat: Such fat, which is made from the oil hydrogenation process, is called trans fat, for example, vegetable ghee. Trans Fat is also stored at room temperature. It reduces the good cholesterol in the body and boosts bad cholesterol. That is not very beneficial for the body.
Saturated Fat: Any fat that is stored in room temperature is saturated fat. Use of it in excessive amounts can be harmful to your health and heart.
Unsaturated Fat: This fat remains liquid in room temperature and if it is used in a balanced quantity, it is good for Hart. Like almonds, 13 grams of unsaturated fat and only one gram of saturated fat is found.

Why Dangerous Is More Use Of Coconut Oil

  • Coconut oil contains saturated fat which is dangerous for the heart. Growing bad cholesterol is also dangerous for cardiovascular diseases.
  • Saturated fat only increases bad cholesterol. Last year, the American Heart Association issued cautious oil as a threat to the advocacy.

Understand the difference between cholesterol and saturated fat.
Cholesterol and saturated fat are both different things. Cholesterol is formed in the body or non-veg-like red meat, the egg reaches the body on eating. Apart from this ghee and butter also increase the level of the body.

  • Cholesterol is not available in the fat from the plant. Due to this coconut oil does not contain cholesterol. But due to the presence of saturated fat, excess oil is used, the damage can occur.

Expert comment: Eat or not
According to Dietitian Surabhi Pariik, coconut oil is being used in South India for years. Apart from this, its use has also been increased in making bakery products. However, coconut oil in North India is limited to hair and massage.

  • This oil contains 90% saturated fat, which is not suitable for heart health. It can be dangerous to use coconut oil for a long time. Therefore it is necessary to change cooking oil in 2-3 months.
  • There are certain nutrients found in every oil. Therefore, the use of the same oil should also be avoided for a long time. Can also use mustard, sunflower, soybean oil for cooking.


People undertaking detoxification utilizing coconut oil regularly experience migraines. This happens when the medium-chain unsaturated fats in coconut oil separate the yeast cells, along these lines discharging an influx of contagious poisons into the circulatory system.

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